Architects, especially in large cities, are like lawyers. They have to know all

the governing, in construction business, laws that would enable them to, either

provide their clients with what exactly they need, or get them out of some

extreme situations when some illegal construction was done.

Architectural practice is involved in so many aspects that sometimes I wonder,-

what's left of us architects. Architects are constricted by so many rules,

regulations and laws that the design itself is a child of a hard labor.  But in

any case it's architect's commitment to his/her client that is important. What my

client needs? What his/her budget is? How can I do the best work that would

make my client happy? And not only the client. You, as an architect, is happy

because you could give your client what was needed. That's a very good feeling

knowing that you did your work right. And this is the philosophy that I. Z. Design

follows throughout the years. Off course, there was many mistakes and

omissions, but the basic idea of commitment was always there. No one is perfect.

Sometimes even money wouldn't matter much as long you do your work right, even

for free.

There is no such thing as a small or a large project. Any project must be addressed

with the same attention. Often we forget that this life is too short and we must get

the most out of it. So this is an architect's responsibility to give his/her client as

much as legally possible.

Honesty, integrity and commitment that's the three words that should define any

architectural business and I. Z. Design always stands by these three words.